Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TUESDAY June 15, 2010

Just reporting in on the latest happenings with Marky Jeanes.

He's been mostly well. Just a small cold/cough, and intermittent
"crappy-ness". But still keeping his chin up and staying positive.

The Make-a-Wish "granters" have resumed the search for a Jeep now that the Army mission has failed.

I located quite a few jeeps on the internet for sale from "civilians" and gave the info to the "wish granters" . They assured me that they would move forward and take care of things so I wouldnt have to.

I told them i was perfectly okay to pursue the "wish" if they hit any snags. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, it's like the "tooth-fairy" scenario every nite at the MarkJeanes house ! He goes to bed each nite wondering if "Tomorrow" will be the day ! ? ? ! So he is very anxious. And if He's anxious...I'm anxious !

Next week on the 23rd of June, Marky goes up to PCMC to get the EGD scope thingy down his throat to check the cells on the inside of his stomach. They're looking for Celiac disease stuff, and any other clues that may help solve the mystery !

I believe he will continue to be a mystery and just be "managed" as a kid with a weird "auto-immune" disorder that happens to be responding to a "hail-mary" treatment idea............which i'm SOOOOO GRATEFUL FOR !


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I am praying for you.