Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi to all of Marky's buddys

Summer's in full swing mostly. Markys is trying to keep up with the
neighborhood kids running back and forth house to house !

Wish I could run with em ! Dont you !

He is in great spirits, yet asking every day if his "Make a Wish" is coming soon........

Speaking of that....i received word that the "Army Jeep" wish had been
denied by the U.S Army. Apparently the army will NOT allow any equipment to be allocated to any civilian for "liability" reasons.


This Life's a huge liability.

What if a young boy with an uncertain future were to actually have some kind of repreave and respite from his "crappy" feeling day to day life of
pain and limitations ? ?

Now the walls are caving in on this young boys living situation, ie, home and community of friends and family and the bank wants to put us out.

How about taking a risk, ARMY GUYS, and weigh the options of your
LIABILITY of helping a young boy get his wish of some scrap metal
frame of a beat up, non-working army jeep !

The Army continuously weighs options and liabilites and outcomes.
They continuously take risks for the good of our people and precious

But they cant take the RISK of putting a dilapidated old jeep carcass
in a little kids' backyard and "make his wish"

I have EVERY respect for the U.S. armed forces. Our freedom and opportunities are a direct result of their risks.

I just think we as a society have over "liabilitied" ourselves into a little tiny corner .

A corner called "INABILITY".

If any of you know of an old jeep that I can purchase and paint/camouflage to look like an army issue, please contact


mary said...

For real?!?! For real!!! What are the worried about? That you're going to sue them if he gets hurt? He's already "hurt"! For one, any possible payout would be an infinitesimal size drop in the army bucket, and for two, you don't have time for all that anyhow. Who would? I'll keep my eyes peeled for an old jeep. (Does that mean he gets to make a new wish? - Hawaii? New Zealand? box seats?)

Markys mom said...

HI Mary----
Yep, they're worried we'll sue if he gets hurt playing on it !

He probly could make a new wish, but a "klunker" to "Klimb" on is THE wish and I WILL get it for him. THE END ! He deserves that for what he's gone thru and will likely continue to endure.
Love, Netti

Sarah's corner said...

Wow! That is not cool.
I don't know of any old jeep, but for sure will be on the look out.

When is your birthday?
I've been thinking of you.
Happy Birthday! And I wish this new year in your life to be much better and greater than this past one!

Health, peace, joy, and whatever your heart desire! You deserve it!

Love you guys,


Markys mom said...
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Markys mom said...

Thanks for the sweet birthday wish Sarah ! Youre great. I need to call ya and get caught up !Love, Netti

Cathy Wallace said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!!! I hope it's a good one for you!!

About the jeep . . . instead of trying to locate and purchase one, why don't you call 'Make a Wish' and clarify what Marky really wants. He wants a army-looking- jeep to play on that makes him feel like an army guy. He does not care if it officially comes from the US army. (Right?) Ask them if they can grant a wish of a salvaged non-running jeep and paint it with camouflage colors. Surely that must be easier to grant than some other wishes they have received. Or suggest they check out this website of salvaged military vehicles and arrange to get one for Marky: or this one on e-bay: If the people at 'Make a Wish' just do a little searching on the internet they should be able to come up with something. YOU should not have to buy it though. They offered him a wish and got his hopes up about it. Besides, you have plenty of other places you need to put that money.

Love ya and Happy B-day! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Lynette!! I hope you know how much we LOVE you and how special you are to us and how important you are to us. You are an inspiration to us all. We hope your day is FANTASTIC (even is the weather isn't). Love ya lots! Dianne and Alan