Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi friends---

Last week was supposed to be Marky's EGD scope thingy....

It didnt happen. The insurance company decided that they wouldnt
pay for their portion of the scope because Primary Childrens Hosp isnt

They offered to pay a whopping 25 percent of the huge, i'm sure, bill...
They said if we elected to go to one of THEIR provider's, at another facility
they might pay 80 percent ! !

A facility that doesnt specialize in "Childrens diseases", and a Doctor that doesnt
even know Marky ! ! !

So i said forget the whole thing ! This ridiculous call came while i was standing
in line at the airport last Friday to make an emergency flight to Phx to tend to
my older brother who was on life-support in the ICU from complications from
a stroke. He's only 53.

There's no shortage of wrinkle-producing, gray-hair inducing, stress-eating opportunites everywhere you look !

I MAY agree to let some stranger-danger doctor scope Marky at an "adult" facility this week. Markys doctor, Dr. Pohl, said to go ahead and do it.

So it's scheduled for THIS wednesday at Wasastch endoscopy. I'm disgusted with
insurance companies, telling doctors how and where they can practice.

Doctors take an oath to "Do no harm" when they become official. The insurance
companies are doing all the "harming" by not allowing the patient to be treated
properly and appropriately and timely by dictating every move the doc. makes !

And some people think this will be remedied by "Socialized medicine" ! All these decisions will then be decided by "Government know-it-alls" ! Patients like Marky
will most likely be put on a waiting list and priority list !

We will undoubtedly be forced to sell more than our "Harps" to go out and privately buy services to save the lives of our children and loved ones.

The day before i found out my brother tried to die, I sold my beloved Harp to keep us in our home.

I bought my harp 30 years ago with my OWN mom and dad help. It has been a joy in my life and a source of peace and beauty, a bit of "heaven on earth".

However, there could be no JOY or PEACE or BEAUTY without my children and their comfort.

I always say that i would MOVE "heaven and earth" to take care of my boys.....

Last week, i SOLD "heaven on earth".


kendude said...

Now doubt the entire thing will one day make some sense. Right it is just a test. Sister Job Jeanes.

So sorry and heart broken. It has always been such a joy to play the violin with the harp.

Ken and Vickie

Amanda said...

UHH!!!! I'm crying right now!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nettie, What else could happen to you and your family?? The Lord says that He will only send what you can endure....makes you wonder how strong you are? You are super strong, Nettie. "This too shall pass." Love you, Grandma Joan said...



" Hit It......." said...


I am crying as I write this. Regarding the insurance thing. This is why Brady couldn't talk before he was 3 because our insurance wouldn't pay for his adnoids to be taken out. We finally paid for it ourselves and low and behold...he could speak! Insurance companies suck!

Can I help you with anything (meals, Diet Coke, etc.)? I wish I had known about the harp. It breaks my heart that you sold it!

Please call me.


Bre said...

If I had a harp, a piano, something I could sell to get my old Dad back I would in a heart beat. But I can't do anything to help someone I love who doesn't even want to be here anymore. And here you are....with your plate stacked so high....fighting for your somehow...someway you push forward and keep your head held high. I admire you so much, Netti. I can't tell you how grateful I am for you coming down here during all of this. I'm so sorry you had to sell your beautiful harp. **crying**

Cathy Wallace said...

I'm sooooo sorry about your harp, Nettie! You have true 'mother-love'. May God bless and help you through all you must endure.
Love, Cathy

Lynyrd said...

Oh Lynette, having helped move and load that harp into your truck, I know how much you loved it and learning that you had to sell it is truly heart wrenching. The harp of an angel, that brought so much joy to so many is no match for the obvious love and commitment you have for your family. I pray that your sacrifice will be consecrated by the Lord and your experiences will continue to polish the beautiful gem that you are.
The mountains that you have climbed, as spoken by President Eyring in the Saturday morning conference, have been many. And to top it off I just listened to Elder Rasband talk and you and your family were in the forefront of my mind. You've heard the saying before, "that no one said life would be easy, but it will be worth it." You are my hero. One that I can look to for strength and to solidify my resolve.

Your posting of socialized medicine rings true for me. The lady that cleans my office at the clinic here in Germany lost her husband 18 months ago due to socialized medicine. Her husband, a 125 kg man was reduced to 40 kg in less than a year. Misdiagnosis and uninterested doctors and other healthcare professionals eventually did him in. The final straw was an inattentive nurse that gave him the wrong IV drip. Within minutes he was gone. He then lay in the room with his sweet wife for the next four hours while they waited for a doctor to declare him dead. To cover their mistakes he was quickly taken to the crematorium and reduced to ashes. This wonderful German lady had years previously cleaned the home and office of a prominent doctor in the area and when he learned of what happened he launched an investigation on her behalf at the local Krankenhaus. She will not sue (Europeans are so different when it comes to personal liability). I love my Anne for her sweet and kind spirit. Thank you for sharing your life's challenges.