Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday June 2

Marky's Remicade experience went "great"----in his words.

The IV "blew out" the vein in one hand, so they moved to the
other hand.

I asked him if it hurt when the vein blew, and he said,
"No, it kinda tickled" ! Oh come on ! !

I think his Dad told him to say that so I wouldnt freak out.

Marky spent the Memorial holiday feeling "crappy" and tired
and just plain worn out-looking.

Yet, overall, it was an uneventful weekend.

Uneventful is FANTASTIC in the Jeanes Home !

It one went to the hospital or Dr. !

Scott returned from a weekend with his Dad, Mike. HE probably
couldve gone to the Dr. to stitch up the gashes on his shin from
trying to negotiate a river bed with his mountain bike.

Hope you all got some relief from your everyday rif-raf too.

love, Netti


Cathy Wallace said...

It was probably four hours of James' jokes that made Marky's veins "tickle". He is a very caring Daddy and you are a great Mommy. Keep your chin up! The "meat tenderizers of life" are just doing their job. I love this scripture from Job 23:10 (probably the only person who has endured more trials than you guys!): " . . . when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold." I'm sure you are all getting shinier each day! Love, Cathy

P.S. Do all your bloggers know that next week is your BIRTHDAY???

Sarah's corner said...

When is your birthday?
I hope you have a great one!
I haven't heard from you or James for a while.
Miss you guys!
I hope all is well. Your names are in my prayers.
Love your family.