Sunday, October 3, 2010


When Marky was admitted last week, we were back up on the 3rd floor.

This is where we spent most of our "tour of Duty" last winter. He got to know alot of the staff.

So when we got settled in to his room, he wanted to go visit his "old friends" !

He really believes that he is a celebrity up there.

The nurses and Staff at PCMC treat these kids like they are celebrities !

I rolled him up and down the hallways to each nurses station as he looked for familiar faces.

These nurses and techs all waved and high 5'd him like a hero !

I was affected by each of them. They dropped what they were doing and acted like Marky was the only one they cared about at that moment. They crouched down to talked to him at HIS eye level. He was "king" to them.

Ive watched them do this to other kids too. What a group of Angels that minister to these children in need.

There is also a group up there called "the Pallative care team".

They are a team of advocates for the patient and family. There's a Chaplain, a social worker, a nurse and maybe someone else i cant think of right now.

They kind of rally around "long-term-er's" that are spending lots of time up there.

"Orly" is the first name of the social worker guy on that team.

He is like batman. He seems to be everywhere, on-call, waiting for any opportunity to rescue.

He has some magic power that he uses to cruise the listings of new "admits" . When he sees one of his "kids" on the list, he magically shows up with a smile and something funny to cheer up the afflicted!

He's a cool guy that has kind of an "unruly" look about him. Untamed hair thats longer than short. And he is usually wearing some kind of kid likeable t-shirt with spiderman or a super hero on the front ! He talks about the latest video games and the "level" that he's made it to on Mario.

He never stands over the bed either. He grabs a chair and scoots right over to Marky. Makes eye contact.

I'm going to try that. ...not standing over, but "scooting" over ! I think this is a life lesson.


" Hit It......." said...

Precious! Love these pictures. Good to see you guys smiling.