Saturday, October 9, 2010

Price tag for Marky's Chemo infusion's every 8 weeks:

$ 2,900.00 (includes blood chemistry)

Insurance pays...maybe 80%

Amount still unpaid to PCMC from last winter's stay:

$ 223,389.00 (just for hospital stay only,not all the Dr. fees, surgery fees, anesthiology fees)

Ins. and medicaid are arguing over who should pay and how much. In the meantime, they keep calling us asking, "how would you like to pay for that today ?"

Wonder why i sold my harp ?

Sold all the furniture last summer to help recover from Sam's follies !

Running outa stuff to sell ! The trailer is going next. Been keeping that in case we have to live in it someday !


Anonymous said...

FYI last time I checked if they have a valid medicaid card for the month of service and they didn't inform you ahead of time how much it would cost then it is illegal for them to send you a bill. Mention state insurance commission and that should get them off your back while the insurances argue.

kidstuff said...

:( Hang in there!

Markys mom said...

Thanks, Anonymous !

Im going to use that next time they call !