Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marky is doing better today.

Tuesday was spent up at PCMC with Dr. Pohl's team.

Seems that all the heavy pain meds from last week got his intestines all clogged up and nothing was moving through. The pain was from what I term....."crapstipation" !

So he endured a heavy duty "clean-out" day yesterday at home with the Colonel, "uncle Ken" Crocheron on duty.

Those army guys really do take care of their own !

James was at school, I was at work. So we appreciated the Colonel being on guard duty.

Marky reported in to me when I got home last night that he had "flushed" (if you know what i mean) THIRTEEN TIMES !

So off to school he went today feeling much "lighter" i'm sure !

Poor kid !

I was grateful for the diagnosis of "crapstipation" rather than a re-lapse, again ! ! !