Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday with Marky--

He's doing better today ! He felt great on Friday- like his old self.
Yesterday, Sat, he felt so good that he went up to Park city with his
Buddy Jonah to hang out with their family.

2 hrs later came the call........Bad Gut Ache !

James buzzed up the canyon to retrieve him. They were eating at a place
called "Flippin Burgers" ! They even had gluten free hamburger buns !

Jonah's mom, Jen is always on the lookout for places that Marky can eat . She is a huge advocate for him.

I think he may have had some anxiety of being away from "the nest" which set off the pain....who knows.

We got him home and dosed up with pain meds and heating pad.

He's back up today feeling far.