Monday, October 11, 2010

MONDAY THE 11th ---

Marky is hanging in there... He made it through his "clean-out" and went back to school on Thursday and Friday ! TWO DAYS IN A ROW !

Saturday night the next wave of pains hit and he's been feeling crappy ever since. I dont know if its the "crapstipation" this time or not.
He shouldnt be clogged up with all the "maintenence" techniques we're doing. He gets two doses of Miralax a day. !!!

So James stayed home with him Sunday and Today to get him through whatever this round of pain is from !

Last night we had to give him his weekly chemo shot.

Usually he sails right through it with Scotty distracting him, making him laugh. Or Jonah by his side doing the same.

But last night he was especially anxious about it and cried with giant tears, begging James not to give him the shot !

Sam got worried and started crying cause his Marky was crying, Jonah got worried cause Sam AND Marky were crying....Rocky the dog just ran and hid....Scotty kept trying to manage the situation while James and me got it done.

James is usually the one to give the shot. He does a great job. Im too chicken to inflict that kind of pain on my own child...sounds dumb, I know, but I just cant do it !

Poor Marky is just sick and tired of it all, i'm sure...and I dont blame him.

So, today i'm at work.....eating all the cookie dough outa the freezer in our break-room (Shhhhh !) and injesting large quantities of Dietcoke to try to soothe my soul!

I'm not handling this "chronic" stuff well today...sorry Marky.

Tomorrow is another day....I hope !


Erin said...

Hang in there Netty and Marky and James and Scotty and Sammy!

"Chronic" stuff stinks, that's all there is to it! Sometimes it helps me to think about the "chronic" stuff like regular stuff. Just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. So, "shot day", or "miralax twice a day" just becomes something you have to get done like brushing your teeth, so you can move on with life. Like you said somewhere earlier here, it's a "new normal".

Sometimes thinking about it like that helps. Other times, not enough diet coke in the world helps and it is what it is. :)

I love you guys! You can do it, you can do it! We can do hard things! :)

The Evans Family said...


The Evans Family said...
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Anonymous said...

Lynnette, I want you to know you are still in our paryers and I can't tell you how sorry we are for all that you have been through. You certaily do not deserve all of this for sure. I hope Marky turns a corner soon and you and your family can see the light of day thoruhg all of this. I will say that you are an inspiration to us all about how to take adversity. Hang in there we love you, Rusty

Tamsin said...

Hi Nettie!

I just came across this, and thought that if anyone was in need of a gluten-free expo in Sandy, it would be you guys:

Our friend Trish went, and this is what she had to say about it on her blog: Gotta love all of those free samples!

We're still praying for you, little Jeans family, and are always so impressed by the faith with which you meet your trials.

Cathy Wallace said...

Markey, I think Rocky was the one with the right idea. Run and hide. Yup. But if you just can't run and hide on your next 'shot day' maybe you could watch some of these hilarious 'Funniest Home Videos' of dogs doing things that will make you giggle right through your shot! Check it out and keep smilin' buddy! Love, Cathy