Friday, October 22, 2010

Two things:

1) Sam had his IEP assessment at school this week to evaluate his progress.

His average scores or Less than 1% for all skills when compared to "typically developing same-age peers".

They recommended "supplemental testing at a future date when Sam
exhibits more cooperative, assessment-ready attitudes and achievement-
motivated behaviors" ...

They did say that " Sam is working on counting 1-10. He enjoys counting
1-7 but sometimes struggles with 4."

They did say that "Sam has a charming, socially engaging personality.
He does, however, have difficulty staying on task to an activity that he is
not interested in."

Sam was socially developed and acceptable enough to participate in: .....School assemblies only. Otherwise he is to be kept in his "special class".

That said.......... item #2 :

2) Sam and I had the Privilege of attending a "Special Needs Ym/Yw talent show last night!

These "earthly angels" had us captivated and amazed !

As I sat in the audience and watched them one by one perform in their own special way, I knew i was NOT worthy to be among them.

Yet they accepted me and loved me and smiled and hugged me.

I was allowed to attend their "assembly" !

I was in the " less than 1%" of that population. !

Would that we could all be as they are.....quick to love and accept.
Unconditional at any level. No boundaries, limits or expectations.

Less than 1% ... by whose standards !

Also, of note ....

The invitation to attend this "talent show of angels" was extended to me by Brock Dansie, who turned 18 yrs old yesterday !

He and I have known each other since approx his 18th WEEK of life !

I met him during an ultrasound on his Mom, Beth Dansie !

I was lucky enough to have viewed him many times before he was born. I knew he was special, even then !

I never saw him after he was born....until about 8 years later.!

I was shopping for a new home in a good neighborhood and was parked in front of what is now our home. An adorable little boy came quickly walking over to my sister and I, waving like crazy--greeting us like we were celebrities.

We recognized that this little guy was indeed a "special" boy....My sister, Lori said to me.." you better buy this house, ...that little boy's gonna need you . "

A few weeks later as we were moving our stuff in, Beth and Dave Dansie came rushing across the street to say....

"HEY ! You're Lynette ! You are the one who scanned our little boy, Brock and told us that you thought he was "unique" (because of his head shape and tons of amniotic fluid and other stuff seen) ! " The doctor's didnt think anything was "wrong" with him.....But you were right ! "

Then began...or continued, our friendship and journey with "Brock" !

Now he is 18 and has moved on to another neighborhood and left me staring at his empty house where he used to watch out his front window for me to come home so he could wave to me or call me on the phone and ask how my day went and how everyone in the family is feeling.

My sister was wrong, I needed " that little boy"...he didnt need me !

Miss you Brock, Love Lynette


kennethcrocheron said...

Happy Birthday Brock. Sounds like a great way to turn 18!

Ken and Vickie

" Hit It......." said...

Happy Birthday Brock!

I remember the 1st time I came over to your house and he was there. He is a beautiful boy with a beautiful heart.

You made me cry again Lynette. We need to get together. Call me.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, that is soooo sweet and I just LOVE Sammy and know he is teaching my kids both so much!


Anonymous said...


Cathy Wallace said...

I wonder which of Sammy's angels scheduled the 'Special Needs Talent Show' right after his IEP. I think I'll thank them someday-- that was a good idea.

Lynette, remember when Sam was a baby and a therapist who tested his hearing thought he was deaf? You (who knew Sam much better than she did) said, "Sam, can hear just fine. He just didn't feel like doing her dumb test." You were right.

Sam will do all of the things the rest of us do when he is good and ready. Most of us learn how to do math and read when we are in elementary school, but don't learn how to love unconditionally and with our whole hearts until much later in life (sometimes not even during mortality). Sam is just doing things in a different order. And, if you ask me, he's got them in the right order.

So, Brock is 18! My, my! That's amazing. Remember when he became a deacon? He was always the first boy on the bench and couldn't wait to pass the sacrament. The entire congregation would wait, patiently and a bit misty-eyed, while he carefully balanced his tray and climbed the steps to give the bishop the first piece of bread. Then when sacrament was over he would grin from ear-to-ear like a boy who had just made a winning touchdown. He's another one that learned the important things first.

Love ya! Cathy

Markys mom said...

Cathy, you're SO right about these angels' learning (or teaching) curriculum ! They really do have it in correct order.

Brock is no longer in 1st position at our Deacon's row. He also was the guy who handed me the Sac. as I sat behind the organ. Not the same. No one to whisper to me..."you're it!"
Love, lynette