Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As it stands, Mark will have a liver biopsy @ 13:00 hrs and then will be observed for 2-3 hrs. Pending favorable results, he will bust outa here by 17:00 and come home.

Dr feels that what Mark has been experiencing is likely caused by the massive steroid therapy rather than disease complications. He has elevated liver enzymes ergo; the biopsy but that issue is also likely a result of the steroid therapy.

They have begun to tapper the steroids and will likely begin Remicad and eventually Methotrexate. Mark is very immune suppressed and so all visitors including docs and nurses, have to use masks and gloves when entering Mark's room. However I find the masks are quite flattering when seen in a certain light.

Mark is cheerful and had a restful night and Lord willing, will continue the healing process moving forward.

As Mark returns home, it will be essential to restrict visitation and those who do visit must be infection free and wear the lovely masks to avoid any complications.

Mark past his labs and was released to go home at 7:00 PM. He had eaten a Chicken Caesar Salad and some Jello with no ill effects.

Mark's docs have narrowed down the focus on treatment and will slowly ween him from the steroids over time fully understanding that there are and have been side effects such as the elevated enzyme counts with liver and kidneys but with care, can and will be managed. It was stated tonight that Idiopathic Sclerosing Mesenteritis is most likely the diagnosis as it responds to the treatments not perfectly, but with promise and demonstrable results.

Thank You all,



Byron and Jana said...

That sounds great! Should we call all the neighbors to line the streets again?! We will be glad to have Marky back home to keep recovering. :)

Liz said...

Marty and I will continue to pray for all of you. I love that you have set up the blog so I don't have to text Lori everyday for an update! She's probably glad that I don't do that, too. Hugs to Marky.
Love, Liz