Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday from Marksworld!

Mark managed to sail through the IV therapy
of Remicade up at PCMC without incident !
Thankfully .

It took about 4 hours to infuse the good stuff.
The nurses also were able to "un-clog" one of
his PIC lines that had clotted off. So he is back
to 2 open lines in the PIC.

Ideally the way a "double lumen" PIC line works
is you can be infusing thru one line with meds or
TPN, and draw blood out of the other one at the same
time . Brilliant !

Marky's still taking all the steroids for a while longer.
His cheeks look like they could be holding several
water balloons in each side !

He remains cheerful and grateful to be home in his
menagerie of BEAN BAGS and creme soda !

His school teacher, Lisa Hodson, continues to visit him
2wice a week for home study ! She is a gift !

Thanks again to everyone for your support and love,



mary said...

Four hours! I guess that feels like nothing to Marky by now. We think about you guys everyday and keep you in our prayers.