Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Evening w/ Marky----AT HOME!

Tonight, Marky had gluten free spaghetti! ! !

Sammy seemed equally interested, so a heaping scoop was
offered to him and he woofed it down and asked for more!

Marky also MAY have also had a corn shelled Taco from Del Taco,
we cant confirm or deny that because Dr. Dan Stampfl didnt seem
the least bit impressed by that....and he was down right insistant
that we not try that again! Apparently the sodium content in that
highly nutritious fast food may or may not raise Markys already
rising blood pressure! ! ! Soooorrrrry....Didnt thinka that!

At least he didnt throw up any of the afore mentioned forbidden
"No No's" !

Aunt Lori took Marky shopping to spend his $100 bucks today!
He had the "Ben Franklin" in a tight grasp as we browsed the rows
full of opportunity!

He purchased the entire aisle of military weaponry at Toys- Fer- Us!
Thank you---again to Lori's kind neighbors for that experience.

Thanks Also, for all the Bidding wars going on in Marky's Auction!
You guys better check it out....More stuff goes up all the time! Have fun!

Love, Netti


Brittany said...

That's awesome Marky got to go shopping!! I've been feeling so thankful the last few days that he's home and doing so much better!! Words can't express my gratitude! Please give Marky my love and tell him I'll visit him as soon as I can!

Markys mom said...

Okay Bit!

Love to the BYU Beauties!
Aunt Netti

Anonymous said...

Awesome on the shopping spree!! Did he spend it all? I hope so (or not so he can do it again!). I so missed the balloons and ribbons today as we pulled out, so leave them up at your house! We are so happy for you all to be together again- have fun on those Love Sacs drinkin' the creme soda!!!- Howells

kennethcrocheron said...

You know Mark, I wish I could have a shopping spree like that @ Toys-R-Us ( or maybe Intermountain Harley Davidson) I would probably have as much fun as you but, you really earned it and deserved every smile it brings.

Love You,