Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is it wednesday already ?

I've just been reading the Make A Wish Foundation of Utah's
Blog spot. My first time looking.

What an inspirational experience. You guys have to check it
out. I'll leave the blog address when I'm done here.

It reeled me around and brought me to where our brains and
hearts SHOULD be. Not where they usually are....thinking
of just ourselves and our own problems.

We think we have it SO bad in SO many ways, but we dont even
come close to some challenges that others face and OVERCOME !

A little boy is featured on their blog that was born with many
problems like hydrocephaly and lives on a ventilator. He was
born with only one eye. And was not expected to live very long.

His family celebrated his Birthday each WEEK!...instead of each
YEAR. His eye is permantly shut. And his family calls it a WINK!

He is now 4 years old! Never utters a word, just winks and smiles.
but speaks volumes through his spirit.

I am resolved to be a better person, to seek out those in need
who aren't in my own little tiny "box"d up world.

Think about it.... Love Lynette


Lynyrd said...

The tendency of the natural man to focus inward. The Savior taught by example to look outward. As we reach outward to those whose hands hang down and strengthen the feeble knees, our capacity to do is increased. The atonement becomes more fully apart of our lives. The Lord is then able to enrich our lives in unfathemable ways.
A loving Father in Heaven blesses us with learning opportunities so that we can grow into what He knows we can become. While many of us would have not chosen such trials in our lives, I know you readily volunteered in the pre-earth life to take on such trials. I firmly believe that Satan also knows this and he sought to derail you. What a joy it is to see and read of your successes. Sempre fi, my friend, sempre fi.