Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday at Markys house! !

Marky wants everyone to know. . He really likes gluten free spaghetti!!

He has eaten the delicious non-glutenous dish 3 times in the last 24 hrs!

Marky spent today with Aunt Lori while his Mom worked all day! Good thing Aunt Lori's DNA matches 99.9% to Marksmom!

Marky continues to feel GREAT! He has not had any Nausea Medications since coming home last friday! Mostly because its all liquid and tastes "Yucky" anyway!

His sweet 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Lisa Hodson, who also donated 2 of his 5 love-sacs!, made a house call to home school him today! Gotta get him caught up! Thank you Lisa!!!!

She brought with her a donation from a Willow Springs Elem. student that was on vacation last week and missed the "Buddy Run"! This student wanted to make SURE that Marky got their money!

What a testament to the integrity and comittment of these sweet "Buddy's".

Marky is doing great on his IV Feedings. With the way he's chowing down, maybe we won't need the "liquid gold" much longer $!$!$!

Still reeling from the unbelievable support from all of you! Thanks for your donations and especially your love and caring for this precious child!

Gratefully, Marksmom


The Evans Family said...

YEAH! So fun to read good news! Keep up the good eating!

Erin said...

So awesome! Go Marky, go! Pretty soon you'll be eating all KINDS of tasty gluten free stuff! So proud of you!

B. Fidler said...

Marky, it was so good to see you today! :)
Hugs, Bryanne, Jared and Family

Momma Fidler said...

Looks like the Fidlers are going to get to "share" some of your gluten-free spaghetti!!! Can't wait to see you!! You are my hero! (And of course your mom is my hero too!)