Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hi to all of Markysbuddy's

Hope you all are enjoying a Saturday "without incident" !

Im afraid to even speak it out loud, that Marky's had a
GREAT couple of days !----aside from the usual vomiting,
intense itching from drug side-effects, IV feeding, and the
constant paranoia of possible relapse or infection -!

If you dont think about those things, he's doing FANTASTIC !

I even got up early and left the house to get some physical
exercise this morning ! As if I were a normal person with a
normal life! Oh, I can pretend, can't I ! :)

Also spent the afternoon trying to study to re-re-take my
Ultrasound Vascular Board exam ! Dont ask the details behind the
re-re-take gives ME intense itching/hives !

But, I DO have some advice for others.....Don't take a Board
Exam the morning after you've been up ALL night at a hospital
with a critically ill child.. that's all i'll say about that !

Except that Board exams are EXPENSIVE..$200.00 a whack !
No discount for the more times you attempt to pass them, either!
I've become old friends with the proctor at the testing center, too.
Thats NOT a good thing....

So, as usual, its all about me! BUT....there would be NO ME..
without all of you to prop me up and tell me to keep going, to
leave large volumes of Diet Coke and even larger continent sized
chocolate chocolate bars at "just when i needed it most" moments.

You offer words of hope and encouragement, silent and uttered
prayers, home-cooked dinners, laundry service, house cleaning
dog walking, auction bidding, buddy walking, yellow ribbons,
crowd cheering, gluten free advising, and so much more !

So, to all of you, thank you for caring about US and reaching out
of your OWN busy lives to help us.

I look forward to someday being able to pay you "forward"
with good works to others in need.

Love you all, Lynette


Anonymous said...

You have already paid it forward, Netty. Many times over. It's time for payback!

Anonymous said...

Lynette you will pass the board this time, I know you will. It was sure good to see you last week, 25 years is too long! It is great that Marky is doing better, we will keep him in our prayers as well as you and your board exams.

Take Care,
Rusty and Tammi Simkins

Markys mom said...

Hi to my New Mexico friends ! It WAS SO GREAT to see
you all last week!

--Barbie, did you move yet? Sorry we're not there to lend a hand!
Dang ! how did we all get so spread out across the country? Its
so dumb! Sounded good at the time, but we shoulda stayd in AZ!
It was so great to see you! We miss you !

--Rusty, you have an adorable family! AND you did a great job at
the concert! Thanks for getting Lee there and making it such a
great night for him...AND US ! Seriously, that was the best mix i'd
ever heard of you guys. We loved it! So great to see you!

Joan Christensen said...

Dear Nettie, I have my fingers crossed for you this time. I know you can do it, I have faith, baby. So, what if it is all about you? You are the "mother of all mothers" and you deserve the best.....Let us know....
Love, Grandma Joan from Raleigh

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joanie you are a dear, dear friend! Thanks for the encouragement ! AND....
I love yoooooo, NETTIE