Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marky came home again last night!

AND....Sammy has STREP !

Oh Boy!

Most of the issues of concern about Marky
were chalked
up to the meds he's on.

His liver biopsy showed "scar tissue" which
is probly the sclerosis spindle cell stuff. But
no infection or Malignancy. Thank you !

We have sequestered Marky into his room
with the door shut, mask on, to keep the
Strep germs away....As if!

Never a dull moment over here at the
"house of chaos" !

I KNOW you guys are having a better
day than this! count yer blessings!


Erin said...

So glad Marky is home! So sad Sammy is sick! Hope they both get feeling better soon! I love you guys!

mary said...
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mary said...

We love you Nettie, and are very relieved to hear that Marky is home again.

Cathy Wallace said...

You guys are the champions of endurance! You continue to be in our prayers and we're keeping Marky's name posted at the St. George temple. Glad Marky is back home and we hope Sammy gets well soon too. We loved our visit to see you!

For Marky: What did one snowman say to the other? Smells like carrots! :)

Love, Cathy