Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday and Mark looks great! We went for a ride with the family and Mark and Sam were like Frick and Frack, playing off each other.

Mark tells me he is loving his Mom's roast beef and potatoes dinner he had and we were grooving (?) to Johnny Cash's " The Boy Named Sue" Such culture he is exposed to; Johnny Cash, Elvis and Mamma's Harp! It gives a body pause doesn't it.

Its always fun to be with the boys and watch the love they share even when Sam gives his brand of Tough Luv.



The Evans Family said...

LOVE Johnny Cash! Glad you had a GREAT day!

Nikki said...

So glad to hear that Marky is on the up and up! I'm so happy for him. And Lynette that you were able to exercise! There is a stress reliever right there! We love you all. I was so amazed and mesmerize watching you yesterday in "singing time" are always so optomistic and upbeat! What a great example you are! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. It's a big comfort to be able to follow Mark's progress. We think, and talk, and hope about you everyday. We'd also like to nominate you family and friend bloggers for the category of "Best Ability to Squeeze a Healing Laugh Out of One Hell of a Traumatic Experience!" You make Alan Alda in Mash look like a comic beginner. Every laugh has been like a little bandaid on our souls. Know that whether you're crying, and or laughing, we're with you. Love You! The Ferreiras

Anonymous said...

Kristi--?sp?(sorry) Marky loved the "sixlets"
candy! You're so sweet to be on the lookout
for gluten free stuff ! love ya and.. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Nikki--You looked so sad yesterday in primary!
I thought it was my boring crazy chorister antics? but glad to c you liked the fun in the

Alan and Ruthann--Thanks for checkin in on us! We sure miss you guys in our neighborhood!
What a great family you have, and such kindness
and generosity. I still remember all the help you gave us with little Sammy too. And Alan..all the times you came at short notice to give priesthood blessings! We love you guys!