Monday, February 8, 2010

Update as of 5:25 PM:

Mark had a CT with contrast of the cranium and the consensus there is some indication of small "arachnoid cysts" which can present incidental to fibrosis issues and with some link to the other fibrotic maladies Mark has been treated for but it is premature to make any definitive diagnosis.
What has promoted this latest hospitalization was the onset of "crazy brain" as Mark described it, similar to the sensations he had recently in the hospital that seemed to be caused by combination drug reactions to the anti-nausea meds.
Tomorrow Mark will have a Spinal MRI and Thursday he will have a liver biopsy as his enzyme counts are elevated. This may have contributed to several vomiting episodes Mark had yesterday.
Again it is hard to say but at this time it is expected that Mark will be hospitalized for a week if he can be stabilized.
Please keep praying for Mark and his family.
Mark is resting comfortably in his new room after being moved back to the surgical wing. RM #3082 which is exactly next to his last room.
James will take the night shift and aunt Lori will take up the supplies for James' luxury stay. Sam is with Jen Larsen until Lynette gets home tonight.


The McRae Family said...
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The McRae Family said...

I am so sorry for you all. I am thinking of you often. God has to be listening to everyone! Please know that we pray everyday for Mark and your family.

I love you guys!

Karie McRae