Monday, February 22, 2010

Made it to Monday !

Marky had a great day with Aunt Lori as his custodian today!
She manages to get him to take all his pills, do his homework,
read his books, limit x-box time, and still retains his fondness !

As a Mom, those things occasionally fall in line, but usually
its not "fondness" that is retained, is it? Only the Aunt Lori
could pull it off !

Sammy had a surprise gift of delight at the end of his day....

I had to cart him into the pediatricians office for an update on his
hepatitis A immunization shot schedule. He experienced the
usual trepidations accompanied with entrance into the lobby
of the doc's office. Mostly trying to get me to put his coat
back on...signifying that we SHOULD LEAVE...AND NOW !

The delightful realization that his shots WERE up to date
and he was able to exit the office WITHOUT any purple heart
or "Oscar" winning display of emotional outburst was more
than we couldve hoped for !

So, today......I hope all of you were blessed with some similar
sort of "gift" !

If you dont think you better search again.... were blessed, you just may need to search with a
little more effort !

As always, I'm grateful for the gift of your friendship and love.
Love, Nettie


Nikki said...

That IS a great day!

Amanda said...

Lynette, are you interested in putting Sammy on a soccer team with Owen, Jason, Gabe and Garek? Let me know, I can turn in the registration tomorrow. We'd love to have Sammy go crazy on the field with them. It's Saturday mornings.

kennethcrocheron said...

Wow! SAMMY would be a great contributor to both teams on the field. He would spread the glory around.

Amanda said...

Yes!!!!! We are so excited!!!