Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday morning from MarksHOME!

Did you guys look carefully at the photo straight under this note?

Brock Dansie (our special-special needs friend) is, of course, oversee-ing the event,
Mark is, of course, going straight for Sammy (our special-special needs son), and one of the princesses of Stonepark circle (Alivia Larsen) is gathering them all

Beautiful and touching. Thanks Ken Crocheron for capturing the moment.

Marky has spent the majority of his first days home moving from Bean bag to bean bag. Nesting on each one! I think he feels like I would if I were in a sea of chocolate with a dietcoke in my hand!

The PIC line infusions of TPN (total parenteral nutrition) are going well. The home health Nurse, Shonelle, came last night and drew some blood to check on all of his chemistry's.

James took him for a drive yesterday and they walked a little bit thru Wal-Mart. One of Lori's neighbors gave Mark $100 to spend any way he wanted to, when he got outa the hosp.! So he is window shopping for ideas!

He deserves a GAZILLION bucks to spend for what he endured for 56 days! I think, to him, $100 is equal to a gazillion!

Go Marky! Love Netti


The Evans Family said...

Lynnette---It was so good to see your smiling face at church yesterday! We are so happy that Mark is home! He is amazing! But he comes by that naturally! He has amazing parents! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with now that he is home!

Love Ya!