Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday nite after Marks Doctor visits----

After 5 hours at Primary's seeing 3 different Docs and getting more
blood taken------ WE CAME HOME !


The rest of the story is... Mark can back off his TPN (IV feeding)
down to 14hrs. instead of 18 hrs. The GI docs are collaborating with the
Rheumatology Doc's about future drug therapies. ie, how much longer to
stay on the steroids, whether to start up the Methatrexate again (chemo)
and whether to throw some other meds in the cocktail.

All of these meds have their side-effects that need to be closely monitored.
Seems like these Docs are very concerned about a long term plan and liver
damage seems to be one of the biggest deals.

While the Rheumatology Doc examined him, she noticed some kind of
weird reaction when checking his reflexes. She termed it "Clonus".
She double checked him, and then went and got the Neurology Docs to come look at him!

Short version is: they want Marky to get an MRI of his spinal column.
The worry is that some of the Sclerosing, inflammatory, spindle cells
have creeped into his spinal canal ! ! ! !

I anticipate the usual verdict----"We're not sure" !

But this will give us all something new to worry about, since we've had
such a great week ! A WHOLE WEEK OF GOOD STUFF is way above
and beyond our usual routine around the Jeanes household.

This WAS an unbelievably fantastic week. All of us sleeping under the
same roof! And HAVING a roof to sleep under.... Who could dare ask
for more and receive it !

We face each day as if it were a gift, dont we?, I Know I do.

Thanks today to our dear friend Beth Dansie for staying w/ Marky
while Marksmom worked the morning and James went to school !
She didnt even feed him chicken stir-fry ! She is a gift, along with her
family !

Love to everyone......Lynette


Jenie Mills said...

We love you guys! We continue to pray for Marky and the rest of the Jeanes family. Stay strong, you are amazing examples to us all!