Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hope you are all finding memorable ways to celebrate Easter !

I cant remember feeling so AWARE of the meaning and spirit of this
significant holiday.

I keep reflecting on all the gifts of our Savior and our Father in Heaven.

The gift of renewed hope for life beyond this earthly existence.

The realization of reward for enduring and pushing onward to greater things.

As I witnessed our dear Marky's miracle of "renewal" of health , I have seen him
and others, myself included, at our very depths of despair and sorrow.

I remember so many nights sitting by Markys bed worrying and wondering if he would
live to see another day...wondering if our Father in Heaven was there, AND if he
was listening to so many pleading prayers?

But I have faith in His promises to His children.. to not forsake us in our time of need.
Whatever the outcome of Marky's mission, I was then, and remain, convinced that
it is our Father's will that will be done. His plan is bigger than I can conceive or begin
to understand.

I AM confident to keep pushing and pulling the "handcart" and "ox" that was
given to me to reign.

As I have watched Marky run around this weekend like a "normal" kid (no IV's or tethers of
any kind, taking a bath without having to wrap up his arm with plastic to protect the IV)) I feel like that Easter morning when the "Tomb was empty" !

Marky has been given renewed health, a gift beyond anything any of us could have
imagined just months ago.

Whatever the future holds for our little family, I remain steadfast to never forget who
carried us through these trials. ..who gave his life that we might live to experience His
precious gift of the Atonement and Resurrection.

I know EACH of YOU have been through similar stuff and can identify with me. For your
support and strength and love, I am grateful. I know our Father in Heaven works through
angels on this earth to carry out his deeds. I consider each of you "angels" in my life.

Happy Easter everybody ! Love Netti


Sarah's corner said...

Couldn't have said it better!
I too am very grateful for the Savior and His gift of eternal life, repentance, tender mercies and much love.

His understanding of who we are, where we are and how we are doing.

As we celebrate Easter, if we look around, wow! They are all there. The blessings, the miracles, the prayers answered...we have been given much.

Thanks for posting what is in our hearts.
Happy Easter.


Markys mom said...

To Sarah:

Thanks for your testimony too.

you are loved !

Nikki said...

What a beautiful testimony Lynette! I've always known that was there, you've just been keepin' it bottled up :) I love you and your amazing example of endurance and reliance on the Lord. It's the tender mercies that truly help us realize the Lord's love for each of us. I'm so grateful that you shared this with us all! Thank you

Cathy Wallace said...

You are making me cry AGAIN! It's good crying though! ;) What a beautiful, strong testimony you have, Lynette! Thank-you for sharing it with us. As I opened your blog our son Nathan (age 12) was standing over my shoulder. He said, "Marky makes you think about what's really important in life." He sure does. This Easter season we're so thankful that Marky, like the Savior, is 'coming alive again' with new energy and strength. Happy, happy Easter!