Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is a HUGE day ! Who woulda thought that the little guy
laying in that hospital bed, all hooked up to tubes, fighting for his life just 2 months ago would be skippin off to school today!!


As I left the house this morning Marky was just waking up. I peaked
in on him and saw a GIANT SMILE on his face as he announced he was
well enough to go to school !

I, of course, had to work today and missed the grand entrance of the "HERO"'s
return, but James reported that all went great and that a few hours after
Marky got settled in, James got a call from him with a teary voice on the
other end saying......."I miss you guys" !!!

What a sweet boy ! I hadnt figured on that, since he'd been so stir-crazy and
excited to get outa the house to school ! But thinking about it...he's been with
either James or Me or some other "loved one" 24/7 since early December....

"Uncle Ken" Crocheron took lots of pictures of today's event at school, so i
imagine he will figure out how to up-load them soon for us all to see, myself
included !


bbqhuff said...

Wheeeee! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Alex was very excited to see Mark today!!! I went at lunch time and sat with both of them and they were having a pretty good time. After they ate, it was off to recess!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marky, So glad you can go back to school....go Marky!!! Wish your Mom luck on her test. Love you, Grandma Joan

Cathy Wallace said...

Wow!! I can't imagine how excited all the kids who participated in Marky's buddy-walk must have been to see him again! I can still "hear" them chanting, "Let's go, Marky! Let's go, Marky!" throughout the hallways. Congratulations, Marky! I hope you know you're a hero!

"Moving On....." said...


You made me cry today! I am so happy for Mark. I can't wait to hear how it went for him.

This truely is a miracle. Mark has come so far.


Karie McRae

Anonymous said...


All of our prayers and love and best wishes and diet cokes are with you tomorrow as you take your test! You can do it! You are prepared and you KNOW this stuff! Good Luck! We love you-Dianne

amy m said...

That is fantastic news!