Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday morning at Markys:

everyone lived thru the night !

Marky's still feeling a little crappy.

Sammy is VERY fussy. He clearly doesnt feel well. STILL has NOT
eaten anything since Friday !

Ive tried tempting him with all his favorites:: doritos, spaghettios,
chicken nuggets,crunch berries !

He doesnt even let popsicles or ice cream or yogurt get within 3 feet of his
mouth ! And dont EVEN try to give him a spoonful of cereal unless it has
at least 3 pieces of the cereal on the spoon AND ample ratios of milk to
cereal in the bowl and on the spoon as it comes into the pie hole !

ONLY water in his cup....ONLY ! If you try to sneak something of flavor in
there, like....oh, juice or milk....he will spew it immediately back into
your face and GLARE at you as if you've tried to poison him !

Sammy never drank a bottle when he was a baby. He was fed thru a feeding
tube (Naso-gastric tube, NG ) since he was a NICU baby so he didnt get the
taste for milk or formula, or the idea of sucking on a bottle .

He just started with a sipper cup . He also attended "snack therapy" when he
was younger at Jordan Valley special needs school ! Kids like Sam ,who had
"aversions" to food , were invited to come and "Play" with food around a table
while the "food therapists" would show them how to try stuff like....chips or crackers dipped in ranch dressing , or whipped cream, or ketchup, ....they'd blow bubbles and try to make eating look fun and exciting and desireable ! !

I thought it was fun and enticing......and I gained 10 pounds learning how
to snack AND have fun while I was doing it !

Sam DID graduate from "snack therapy" with a new-found love for Nacho
flavored Doritos.....NOT Ranch flavored or any other flavor Doritos...it HAS
to be NACHO flavored, or he will stare you down and growl until you get the
proper flavor on his tray....and you better do it post-haste !

A Child with Down's Syndrome is a gift to all who come in contact with him...
a "gift "! Some day's I jokingly would like to "give the GIFT" away ! Only
because......I like to share, of course ! Ha Ha !

Yet, he is an angel in every aspect of the description ! Loving and tender. Generous and affectionate. Unconditional and accepting. He teaches and
reminds us of the REAL importance of our existence here on earth........

.....to Love one another, as He loves us !

I love you guys, make it a great Tuesday !, netti


Anonymous said...

Boy Lynette, If we all hadn't lived all been through with you in the past five years we'd think you were making this stuff up! You have such a gift for writing...ever think about writing a book in all your spare time!! I for one would be first in line to buy it! You always brighten my day with yur cheery and non-complaining attitude. We all love you so much!! Love, Dianne

Byron and Jana said...

At least Sam has all the 4 food groups covered in his short menu... Doritos=Grain, Cereal=Dairy, Chicken Nuggets=Meat, Spaghetti os=Veggies, Crunch Berries=Fruits. Sounds like a well rounded diet to me! And snack therapy...theres a concept!

Anonymous said...

Sam's just a guy who knows what he wants! why should he have to deal with anything else! - aunt lori

Anonymous said...

and.....sam's fortunate to have figured this out at such an early age, while the rest of us continue to search for happiness!