Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi to all of Markys Buddy's

It's Tuesday...day after Monday ! (That means we made it thru Monday) !

Yesterday I had my FIRST DAY OFF in almost 9 months that I didnt have

I WENT TO A MOVIE ! ! ! ! ! Almost unheard of for me ! No one was in
the hospital, or Doc's office (although Scotty has strep throat and stayed
home !) . But......We are surviving !

AND.....on this last Sunday....OUR WHOLE FAMILY went to church !
First time since November for Marky !

Of course, We had maybe 5 minutes of sitting together on the same row !
With me up and down playing the Organ,....Sam up and down..playing and
entertaining the world, etc.

Nevertheless, it was a huge feat ! And I'm on cloud Nine !

Fast forward to today....and Marky just called from School with a Sore
throat, so James had to go get him early from school.....

So the "respite" was short lived, but...nevertheless....it WAS respite if
only for 2 days !

We take these seemingly small things and count them as HUGE GIFTS !

Hope you are all doing fantastic, and if you're not so fantastic.....
....find something SMALL... and count it as HUGE ! Thats what I do !

Love you guys.....Lynette


brookie said...

Nettie that's AWESOME!! Things will keep getting better and better. I just know it! Thanks for sharing with us your gratitude. It helps me to remember to be grateful for every blessing the Lord has given to me! And, if you can pass that crazy, I CAN PASS MY FINALS! Thanks Net, keep it up! Love you all,
Love Brookie

Byron and Jana said...

You are such an inspiration. :)

Cathy Wallace said...

I'm so glad you got a few days of sunshine! It's a marvel how you have learned to look through all the muddle of trouble and find the gleaming ray of hope on which to focus and be grateful!

You remind me of Job who said, "He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me I shall come forth as gold." (Job 23:10)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy !

I'm far from Job's caliber, but I DO believe I've been refined a little bit more lately ! And I AM
grateful ? ! ?..arent I ?
:) lynette

Sarah's corner said...

Well, through the rifining of life we get better, closer to the Lord.I am so grateful that you have shared with us how well you have handled the refining!
It has inspired me to be a better person, a better wife and a better mom.
Love you guys.

Byron and Jana said...

you better post something or people are going to think somethings wrong over there!

Kari Howell said...

Ya, I am with Jana- I saw Marky in the playhouse and tried to talk to him, but with the wind and my loud kids, I couldn't hear... time to post Nettie and give us an update :) !