Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi Friends !

Sorry about the blackout ! Our home computer is in the chop shop..
which means James tried to fix it himself and now it REALLY has to
be fixed ! ha ha ! (kidding james)

So, Im back at work today w/ access to the blog ! I was going thru
blog withdrawals !

Marky stayed home from school yesterday....Day after his Methatrexate
(chemo) shot. He said he had a stomach ache....which sends me into a
frenzie of worry as you would expect ! But he felt better last night.

He spent an hour crying last night after I brought home some ice-cream
sandwiches from the store for Scotty.

We've got a house full of Gluten free stuff for Marky, so I figured I'd
try to pay attention to Scotty and buy him his favorite ice-cream sandwiches and sneak em into the freezer before Marky saw them...

Not so lucky....he's got a radar for yummy's ! When he asked me if they were Gluten free and I gave the disappointing nod of "NO"...He ran upstairs and cried saying how much he hated Gluten.. and why did God
have to make Gluten anyway ! poor guy !

I tried to point out the positive of the world in-spite of Gluten. ....

From a 7 yr olds perspective, Gluten is all that matters ! Cause everything that is yummy......comes from Gluten ! I agree !!!

So, happy wednesday and thanks for Listening !
Love you guys, Marksmom


Byron and Jana said...

Theres always room for some ice cream sandwiches over here if you need to keep a stash nearby but out of sight! It was fun having you home for a few days! And you picked the best days to be home weather-wise, here comes another storm!
Love ya,

Cathy Wallace said...

That gluten stuff is tough! Our new daughter-in-law has celiac and it's a real trick to try to make the things our son loves (that he seldom gets to eat now) when he comes home to visit and at the same time try to not make her feel left out. Do you know about Pamela's gluten-free mix? The best prices for it are on (even with the shipping it's cheaper than the health food stores). It has lots of recipes on the back of the bag. I've also done some experimenting and can make most regular recipes by just substituting Pamela's mix for flour. I wish we still lived close to you 'cause I'd try to whip up some chocolate cookies (maybe use Betty Crocker's gluten-free chocolate brownie mix) and slap some ice cream in between them and call them gluten-free ice cream sandwiches! Hey, Kristy Evans has a great recipe for some chocolate Rolo cookies that use a cake mix-- maybe use that recipe with the gluten-free brownie mix. Or maybe talk her or someone else into making them while you are at work! ;)
Please don't think we have abandoned you for a while-- we are off to Germany. If the volcano cooperates that is!! Hang in there! Love ya! Cathy

Erin said...

Ugh! I remember feeling that exact same way when I first got diabetes and found out EVERYthing had sugar in it (back before doctors realized it was OK for diabetics to have sugar . . in moderation!). Poor guy! It really stinks for the first while, but pretty soon he'll realize there's a lot he CAN eat.

I know this probably isn't any help now, but speaking as someone who had diet restrictions & a chronic illness from a young age, it was so much easier to be diagnosed so young and have to get used to all those changes as a kid. Trying to change in adult-hood is much harder because we are so stubborn! :) Now that I'm an adult, I don't even really remember what it was like before diabetes. And I don't really feel like I missed out on much now (although I did at the time). He'll make it through, and so will you! Love you guys!

Markys mom said...

Hi Erinator !

Thanks for the boost ! I'll get Marky to read your comments when I get home. He loves looking at "his Blog" !

Hope you guys are "all good" we miss ya ! Coming out to Zion any time soon ??? Love Nettie

Bre said...

Our home computers have all blacked out too! Ugh! I'm having blog withdrawals and wondering how you all are doing. So I made Josh bring home his work laptop just so I could check in.
So happy to hear you had a day off and enjoyed a movie Nettie.You definitely deserve it. As far as Gluten free....I can't even imagine. But I totally agree with Erinator...better now than later when we are grumpy adults..haha!

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Foo !
Good 2 hear from you ! Howr all the kids ? Love netti