Monday, April 26, 2010


Just reporting in on the latest Jeanes fiasco's !

I took Marky to his pediatrician today with complaints of ear aches
and sore throat !........Diagnosis....STREP----AGAIN !

At the same time, James ran Sammy up "to the mountain",
Primary's because he had been non-stop throwing up since
Friday . He was acting really "floppy" this morning, not holding
his head up, dry heaving and all that fun stuff.

The nurses ran him straight in and started an IV on the poor little
dear.... labs have shown that he is indeed dehydrated . So far, he's
had 3 bags of fluids dripped in and seems to be "fluffing" up nicely.

The experts up at PCMC advised to retain Sammy up there probably
overnite to make sure he stays the course of improvement !
James will stay with him while I stay home w/ Marky !

So, in other words,.....nothing new with bout you ?

love, netti


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Markys mom said...

Hi barbie ! Hows your new place ?
Hope you're doing okay ! We hear youre going to be a Grandma Again ! ! Yahoo Love Netti