Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Afternoon in Markys world:

So, Friday James went and picked up Marky from school because
he was afraid he might get the "throw-ups" from his classmate...

By 7 pm that very night....SAM STARTED THROWING UP !...
And hasnt stopped since ! 48 hrs of throwing up every hour like
clock work ! Poor Sammy !

So much for Marky avoiding the "throw-ups" ! Fortunately there
are no signs of the infirmity spreading to anyone else in the house....

Our washer and dryer has been going constantly all weekend due to
the fact that Sammy hasnt agreed to aim his "launching's" into a
bucket or bowl ! He insists on thrashing about flailing his arms
when he throws up trying to ....I dont know...get away? or
something? Who knows what he's thinking?

So James and I use towel after towel trying to "corral" the "what-not"
.....not so successfully most of the time !

What am I complaining about ?.....nothing any of you havent ever
dealt with. !

So I had to miss my sweet primary kids today and stay home with
the "Angel's". .....

Life goes on !


Sarah's corner said...

You are a real trooper!
I am so sorry this is happening to you!
I am praying for you.
Hopefully Sam will feel better.
Love you guys,

Markys mom said...

Hi Sarah ! Thanks for your
prayers. We gotta get together
soon ! My days off are filled w/
sick boys so far.. but soon itll
settle down. Thanks for helping
James ! He loves ya. So do I !