Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here's a Re-print from the "early days" of the blog about Scotty- The Awesome-est man ever.....

Let me tell you about the best big brother ever. SCOTT is the first son of three in our family. A better example of brotherly love could not be found. When Marky is having a particular bad day, which has been every day lately, he always asks for his "Bubba" aka-- Scotty.
After his 3 and a half hour marathon surgery 2 wks ago as he lay in the ICU, Marky asked for his "Bubba".

After his 2nd or 3rd Paracentesis, 2.5 liters of fluid drained out of his abdomen with a 3 inch needle---Marky asked for his "Bubba"

Christmas Day in the stinkin hospital ,stuck in bed with no strength to open his own gifts----Marky asked for his "Bubba" .

Scotty quietly keeps the faith going for us all. When the doctors told us Marky had Lymphoma---Bubba reminded us all that the "doctor's also told us once upon a time that our Sammy wouldnt live either, AND THEY WERE WRONG!"

Scotty reads his scriptures everyday, says many daily prayers for Marky, and others. He spends hours at home alone while everyone is tending to Mark and Sam elsewhere. He does this with a cheerful, positive attitude. Never complaining.

Scotty gets up every morning a 0515 A.M. quietly showers and gets ready for early morning Seminary at school--by himself. He comes home from school to an empty house everyday. Never complaining.

Scotty sees the big picture. He never doubts God's will. He is sincere, honest, kind, and generous.
He has many other talents as well as whats already been mentioned. Which include but are not limited to playing just about any musical instrument he picks up, singing beautifully, drawing anything his mind can imagine, expert shot with a loaded weapon, and on I could go.

Scott, thank you for being my son, I love you.


Cathy Wallace said...

My goodness, everyone knows Scotty is awesome! How about a shout-out for Netti?

We've moved around a lot, so I've met many people, and Netti is one of the most courageous, unselfish,like-able, loving, amazing women I've ever come across! She works so hard to care for her family, both at her job and at home. She puts down fresh duct tape for visitors. She plays the harp like an angel and guides Hospice patients out of this world with beautiful music and pure love. She brings home the bacon and hides the cereal. When she walks into a room people light up because they know Netti is going to bring in some fun and make everyone laugh. She knows how to cry with anyone else going through a trial, even though her own trials may be 100 times bigger. If you try to cheer her up she'll probably beat you to it and you'll go home smiling. She has the faith of a saint, a latter-day one. She can keep 50 to 150 Primary children on the edge of the seats, thinking that Singing-Time is the best part of their week. If the pianist doesn't show up she can lead the music and play the piano alternately, so smoothly that you have look twice to realize that she's not really two people. Oh, maybe she is two people . . . she is a great sister to her twin, Lori, and always tries to make everyone think Lori is prettier. She is a very special, caring mom to a "Frog-Prince", a "Make-a-Wish Boy", and "Practically Perfect Scott". She loves her husband and stands by him through broken necks (she didn't do it) and long nights of pacing the floor with sick children. She shares her sweet testimony and Saranwraps her toilets (not at the same time though). Netti, we love you and admire you so much!

Come on, everybody! Let's give Netti her turn at a shout-out!

Markys mom said...

Cathy, so nice of you to "shout-out" to ME ! ! !

You're a dear...but i gotta be honest..


love to all the Wallace people !

Lynyrd said...

You hit the nail on the head, Cathy!