Thursday, April 29, 2010

Made it to Thursday !

Things are looking up ! Marky is feeling better !

Sam is back to eating Doritos and Crunchberries !

All is right with the world !

Marky had a Dr.s appointment with his specialist from
PCMC yesterday. They took some blood, looked him over
and declared that he was doing great (as far as they can
tell !) .

James accompanied him to the Dr., while I had to work. The
Doc,(Dr. Pohl) said Marky will have to receive
the Methatrexate (chemo stuff) shots once a week for A YEAR
or TWO !, but the Remicade infusion therapy stuff that he gets every 6-8 wks will taper off, as well as the steroids.

He also said they would schedule another GI scope thingy to
look down into his stomach lining and biopsy to see how the
"crud" looks sometime in the summer !

and.....AUNT LORI HAS SHINGLES !!!WHAT THE.....? ? ?

If you guys have never seen shingles or watched someone suffer with it....well lets just say it's PURE PAIN and TORTURE ! She CANT be sick and afflicted ! She's a key
component in the "keep the Jeanes' going team" !

Shingles is an evil thing that attacks a nerve pathway and
terrorizes everything in proximity to that nerve. It shoots
relentless pain for days. Then errupts into clusters of blister type stuff that kills ! It is a virus remnant of
Chicken pox, that lays dormant in wait for just the right
levels of stress and lack of immunity....and then...IT ATTACKS !

So, she is on the Jeanes' prayer roll. Put her on yours, if you would.

Love Markysmom, Sammysmom, Scottysmom, and Loristwin


Anonymous said...

aren't shingles just supposed to happen to old people?........oh yeah.....I AM old...... I keep forgetting.

kendude said...

Please put my family on the prayer roll as well.....Just discovered my house has shingles. How distressing!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear mark is doing better and sorry to hear about Lori! We will keep her in our prayers, Shingles are the pits for sure! Whaat is up with you Huff's and your trials!!!

Take Care,
Rusty and Tammi Simkins

" Hit It......." said...


I am glad your family is doing better.

I am concerned about Lori. Shingles are very painful. They are also induced by stess! My friend had them for one year. Please tell Lori I am thinking about her.

Do you guys need dinner or anything?



Markys mom said...

Hey Rusty !

Glad to hear from you ! Sure was fun to go to your concert! You guys sure were good to Lee.

Hey ! us Huff's and our trials are just tougher than most and can handle the brunt of things for the rest of you guys who are just wooses ! we're happy to deflect for anyone ! BRING IT ON, I SAY !
.. (you know i'm kidding, you're not a woos...your Rusty Simkins..for cryin outloud !)
love to the NewMexicans, lynette