Friday, April 2, 2010


Wednesday Marky and Me and James went "up to the mountain" (PCMC) for a
Remicade Infusion ! It took 6 and a half hours ! !

His GI Doc and his Rheumatology Doc came in to see him and declared that he
was stable enough to GET HIS PIC LINE OUT ! ! !

Yep, you heard it right....the PIC LINE IS OUT !! MARKY IS UNPLUGGED..

This is a HUGE milestone ! Marky has not been unattached from multitudes
of lines....IV's, NG's, catheter's, SAT monitor's, EKG's, O2's, etc......since the first of
December ! !

HE IS FREE ! ! ! You should see the look on his face and THAT SMILE !

We are tapering him down off the steroids too, those cheeks, I'm afraid, will
soon start to slenderize back down to the old Marky !

So the plan is to keep on the Methatrexate injections once a week and
get Remicade every 8 weeks thru the summer. And then re-image his
abdomen with MRI and a scope of some kind to see the progress or regression
of the disease !

AND>>>He can go back to school next week if he wants !!!! I am opposed
to this idea ! I want to keep him in this "BUBBLE" and protect him from the
billions of germs that are "out there"...But He is ready and raring to GET OUT !

So again, the prayers of so many have been realized and answered !

Miracle after miracle...God knows each of us.. He loves us unconditionally..
inspite of our weaknesses, thankfully.

Hope you all know how grateful the Jeanes People are for your faith and prayers
for our dear Marky and family.

Have a Great, netti


Sarah's corner said...

So glad to hear it!
He deserves the rest from all the tubes and back pack!
How wonderful!
Hope mom, dad and brothers are doing well also.
You are in my prayers.

Erin said...

Oh, that is wonderful news! Congrats Marky! And we will say lots of prayers for you as you head back to school! Hooray! We love you guys!
-Erin & Ben

bbqhuff said...

So happy for you all! XXXOOO

Mrs. Hodson said...

Mark, we'll be so happy to have you back at school. We have all missed you. Your desk is ready and waiting for you.

Nikki said...

Free at last! Marky was just telling me last Tuesday that he thought he was going to be getting that IV out soon. ha ha It was the next day :) That's so awesome! We are so happy for all the progress that has been made. We love you all-

Briana said...

Way to go Marky!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, Wo, WOw, WOW!!!!!!!! We have all witnessed a modern day miracle!! Marky, you are the bravest little guy I know!! And you have the best family ever! Have a great day at school and being with your friends! Love to you all-Aunt Dianne

Cathy Wallace said...

FANTASTIC! Congratulations Marky! No more extension cord! :)