Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today they brought a fancy chocolate cake..(? gluten free) all decorated with the message that his wish WILL be granted soon ! And that the wheels are turning to get the army jeep, as wished for ! !

As you can imagine The Jeanes People are all a buzz about it ! Especially
sweet Marky !

He's kind of had a lousy week with stomach pain and queezy stuff...
maybe just effects from the meds...who knows ! But it makes me freaked
out with worry !

I was telling someone today at work that I think I have "post traumatic stress dissorder" ! , from all that has happened.

With the unknown, or not so certain diagnosis....and the unknown, or not so certain future....I am living day to day.

It urges me to make every day be the BEST day for all of us!

I kiss my boys ( against their will at times) much much more. . Hug them
tighter..pray for them extra longer....laugh with them extra hard...all that kindof stuff we think we'll do another day !

Marky's Aunt Diane Nielson brought some special Ice-Cream Sandwiches.....GLUTEN FREE ! ! ! that she got somewhere fancy !

I cant wait to bring them home to him and see his face light up ! Thank you Aunt Dukee !

Everybody resolve to live your days as if....... you know the rest !

GO AND DO ! . . . . DONT SIT AND STEW ! ( thats on my friend Amy's wall in her house ) Im sure you guys have heard that before. But we gotta use our energy for positive actions and productive deeds !

I love you all and am grateful for life ! Netti


Sarah's corner said...

I love to read your posts!
They are soooo good!
It will be wonderful to hear what the Make a Wish Foundation is coming up with.

And you are right, every minute counts. And today is the tomorrow of yesterday, so we got to live in the present...and make it the best ever, because it is a miracle that will not be we must enjoyed it the very best we can.

Love you guys.