Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aunt Lori just checked in from her night watch over Marky:

The doctors just have been in to see the miracle boy-Marky and decided to take him off the surgery schedule for tomorrow. He was to have a J-tube inserted into his stomach which would allow feeding directly into his intestines, bypassing the stomach itself.

They will continue to watch him try to keep food down...NO MORE STIR FRY, you guys!!! maybe mashed potatoes, ya think!

So for now, we keep witnessing the miracle of prayer and hope and watch this little angel triumphantly win his battle !!!!!

Oh and by the way, Marky asked Lori is she'd get on the auction and bid on "That Helicopter" !!! .....Just thot i'd give you a heads up..Uncle Lyle ! !


Anonymous said...

lynnette, dr. bonsack in rheumatology has been makenna's dr for years. I talked to him yesterday and he was excited to know that we know you guys. He said he was sure what marky had from the beginning. who knows? marky looks great! sonia

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia!!!! what a small world! Dr. B is the one who came in the day of Elder Johnson's blessing and said that he was thinking about starting all these steroids and stuff to see if it would work!!! I told him that night that He had to try something,! and that alot of people were praying for him to help Marky. He IS great! I know God sent him to Marky...
Love Lynette