Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Night--Jan 4, 2010

The much anticipated word from Dr. Coffin, at Vanderbuilt, came late this afternoon.

It was a 5 page consult consisting of reports of what Mark DOESNT HAVE!!
No idea of what this mystery disease process is....STILL!!!

This Dr., whom we all had high hopes for, has deferred the diagnosis burden back to Primary Children's staff!

As you can imagine, we are devastated and discouraged. The oncologists think it probably isnt a malignant process, although.

The plan now is to go back to square one and get all the "Teams" to come back and re-evaluate him. Infectious disease, Imunology, Rheumatology, GI,..all of those teams that originally looked at him.

Meantime, the struggle to keep Mark "comfortable"--ie. out of pain, less-nauseated is also a difficult task. He still has the NG tube down his nose/throat, which causes constant irritation. His poor abdomen is still severely distended from the ascites (fluid accumulation). And he is still tangled in multiple IV's as they try to keep his pain controlled and his nutrition going.

He cant walk from his weakened condition. He is quite frail and exhausted all the time. It is a huge undertaking just to try and sit bed!

We continue to pray for answers and appreciate everyone concerned for our dear Marky.


Chantal said...

This news saddens us all. I am so sorry. The prayers in this house will continue fervently for Marky as he continues to fight. As my mother would always tell me when growing up and things got hard... "stiff upper lip!" Stay strong. He IS in the Lord's care.

Heather Bailey said...

Where's that House guy? How much would it cost to get him? There's got to be someone who will figure it out

Anonymous said...

Aah Lynette, I don't have anything to say other than I am again so sorry for your son. Your family continues to be mentiones in the prayers of my family. Your Son Scott seems to be a remarkable young man that I hope to someday meet.

Take Care,
Rusty Simkins

Anonymous said...

sorry for the type Os I can't figure a way to edit my last post to fix them!

I meant to sat that your older son Scott seems to be a remarkable yong man that I hope to someday meet.

I hope Marky has a better day today!


avalon88 said...

It's Lauren, Scott's Cole cousin. I am so proud of Scott and what an amazing young man he is, and especially what a great big brother he is! You all still feel like family, and of course Grandma has kept me updated over the years. I have kept you in my prayers these last few weeks, and I have enjoyed getting to know Mark's fun personality through this blog - what a special boy! Obviously we hope so much that things will turn in your favor soon and you can have your family all home together again.
Love and hugs,
Lauren Cole Loutzenhiser

Anonymous said...


We are praying for Mark, you and your whole family many times a day. I'm so frustrated along with you in not knowing what is going on - and back to square one. I certainly hope that something can be found this time so we can get some nutrition back in Mark and he can get strong and healthy again. Know our thoughts and prayers are with you all - we love you.
Suzanne Peterson and family

Grandma Wendy said...

My every prayer includes Mark and your whole family. Love ya!