Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Night from Markysroom---

Mom is back on duty!! My time in quarantine is over! Its great to be back with this sweet little warrior!

He is handling the steroid treatments mostly okay. He seems a little more comfortable. But is still sieged with constant nausea.

He is now on Methadone to try and control his pain w/out the heavy narcotics.

The steroids make his blood pressure rise, so they check it all the time. His face is puffy again, ..steroid side effects.

He DID GO ON A WALK AGAIN TODAY!!! with aunt Lori prodding him and applauding him! GO MARKY!

He's sick n tired of trying to swallow with that stinkin NG tube going down his throat, so he now could enter any spitting contest and probly win! He pools his saliva in his mouth and at regular intervals spits it out.!!

Tomorrow he will undergo an Angiogram to assess the blood supply to his small intestine and omentum, which has been mostly affected by the disease. The docs hope to gain more insight on the functionality of his intestines with this test.

We remain steadfast in our quest to win this battle!!
We will continue to fight a good fight!

This could not be possible without all of Marky's "Buddies"! EACH of you!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Nitey Nite---Marksmom