Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Night from Markysmom

Today over 850 children paid tribute to young Mark Jeanes.

They each chose a "Buddy" to tie-up with. Then with enthusiasm that only children
can exude, they helped each other parade the halls of Willow Springs Elementary
School. They were led by Mrs. Lisa Hodson (Mark's teacher) and her 2nd grade
class. As they passed each doorway, the next class joined in the procession until
all classes and grades were in cadence!!

What a sight! Bystanders, including parents and younger siblings and the News
media were amazed at the energy and determination from these valiant crusaders!
They chanted slogans like "Go Mark Go !" and ..."Lets go Mark Jeanes lets go !! They
clapped their hands in rhythm and did the "wave" up and down the hallways !!

I am still overcome with emotion as I write this account. For an entire community
to come together for a small child in his time of need IS a miracle that I hope each of
you recognize.

There is so much good in EACH of you. Mrs. Hodson called me tonight after counting the
donations and said there was close to 4,000 dollars! And quite a bit of it was in small bills
and LOTS of coins that likely came straight from piggy-banks!

One of the school secretaries said she overheard a child coming to the office to call his/her
mom to tell her to " bring his/her "Christmas money" to the school...and Hurry up, the run is gonna start"! ! !

These precious children are our hope for the future. I know you'll agree that this display
of charity and team-work demonstrates that our future is in worthy hands! Also, We cannot
forget the Teachers, principals, parents and leaders who mentor these young souls to
"do good unto others" !

To all of you, I send my warmest wishes of love and gratitude. I wish the choicest of
blessings on all who have contributed at this event and the on-line auction going on
now, and the many anonymous donations at America first! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!


Byron and Jana said...

Yes, that was an awesome sight to be there! It gave me chills to see the kids with their arms around eachother and walking together chanting Marky's name. There really is so much good in this world. Thank you to the Jeanes family for giving this community a special cause to pull together for. You are blessing lives here too! Love to you all!!