Sunday, January 10, 2010



Momma Fidler said...

My Dear Lynette, Thank you for sharing that most special experience with all of us. The tears flowed freely as I read what a wonderful blessing was given to Marky from our Heavenly Father. But I did disagree with something you said. THe reason you think your lamp is not filled with oil is becasue you "give" all of your oil to others. You are the most giving, loving person I have ever known and I have known you for a long time...Your family derserves this great blessing. We have all learned so much and felt so much through this experience and will continue to do so as we watch the hand of the Lord and the great love Heavenly Father has for us all as we watch Marky be healed. Our love to you all-Aunt Dianne

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynette,

Do you realize that God loves you and has from the time you were born? You deserve blessings from Elder Johnson and our Prophet too. DO NOT doubt yourself and Marky have come so far and will continue to heal. James,Marky,Scott and Sammy need your "lamp to be full" Tell Colonel Ken to send you home more often if that will help!!!!
Everyone who knows you loves the mother that you are to your sons. I admire your courage......don't give up now!!!

Love from Grandma Joan in Raleigh

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Jeanes family, and especially Marky. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you: Sammy, Scott, Marky and mom and dad. Yes, even all the way down here in New Zealand (check us out on the map, hidden under the rest of the world)we know about the severe trials Marky and your family are going through. We have all our families praying for you as well (and Polynesians have HUGE families). Marky, your name is on the prayer roll in the New Zealand temple and this Saturday, our Stake is holding a special fast for all those people we know who need extra blessings from heaven, so we're fasting for you and your brothers and your mom and dad as well. We thank you for the privilege of being able to add our prayers to all of those who are already praying for you.
To Dad and Mom: we love you and pray you will receive strength from heaven,sufficient to sustain you through the rigors of today.
Ariel and Moira Metekingi, along with nine children and their spouses and our grandbabies. (Wellington, New Zealand).
ps Ariel is now in the Bishopric (1st councillor and Moira is 2nd councillor in the R/S presidency).

Sarah's corner said...

Dear Lynette,
I cried as I read and re-read it to my family chapter 1 and chapter 2.
You are soooo good. Your lamp is full, if you think it is empty, it refills itself as you serve and love everyone around you.
Exhaustion may make you feel that way. Slow down girl!
Get better.
Coronell Crocheron, keep her out of there if she is sick.
We love you and pray for you.