Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning From Marky's Mom---

Last Thursday night I got kicked out of Markysroom by the Colonel Crocheron! I have been sequestered (spelled wrong probly) away from Marky until I am deemed healthy enough to resume my post at Markys side!

This sudden onset of infirmity happened within a few hours of Markys visit from Elder Kenneth Johnson, sent by Pres. Monson! I had an "Aha!" moment as I lay in bed feeling unfortunate and helpless!

It was as if I were either Alma the Younger or one of his cronies! I had been struck with infirmity after seeing a great vision or in my case, witnessing the healing power of God thru one of His servants! (Book of Mormon, Mosiah 27, pg. 199)

I know MARKY deserved this special visit and blessing from Elder Johnson, but I also Know I, MARKSMOM, was not in line to recieve such a gift to witness this event! Even so, I WAS there and will try to relate in MY words how it all went down!

On thurs. afternoon, as Sammy and Scotty were visiting w/ Marky. The nurse came in the room and said,"There's a lady on the phone who wants to know if it's okay to send Kenneth Johnson to give Marky a blessing"?

I said to the nurse...."what? He's had many blessings.. it's probly a mistake and they got the wrong room." I didnt know anyone named Kenneth Johnson anyway.

The nurse relays that to the caller and then comes back in the room and says.."no, she really wants to send this guy over to give your son a blessing"...So I say...I better go see who this is on the phone!

I pick up the phone and say..."this is Marksmom, can I help you?" The sweetest voice I ever heard--besides Markys---says, .."This is Sister so-n-s0 from President Monson's office, He is in meetings and can't come right now but would like to send Elder Johnson in his place, would that be okay with you?" "He also wants Mark to know that he is praying for him and hopes he gets better soon!"

After I picked up my teeth that had fallen out, I mustered up the words to say.."Oh, That would be so wonderful and..tell Pres. Monson--thank you so very much"!

I relayed to everyone in the room what I had just heard! We all couldnt believe our ears. I felt like checking everyones "lamps for Oil"! especially mine! I know for a fact that I'm so far behind that I, let alone didnt have oil, but didn't even know I was sposed to have a lamp! ( See story of Ten virgins--Matthew chapter 25)

End of Chapter One....