Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark walked today!!!! 90 yards all the way to his first room and then rode the wheel chair back to the room. He is trying to gag down some antibiotic oral medication which is supposed to kill the bacteria in his gut and hopefully help return some function to the GI track.

Along with Mark on the journey were his aunt "Duke" and aunt Lori ( kinda sounds like an Irish song doesn't it) his nurse and uncle Ken ( the Dark Angel) You have to have opposition in all things after all.

Presently "Mighty Mark" is on his second wheel chair ride to get a better view of the SLC smog. The idea here is to make him glad he is inside and not out there.

Angels are in the room and on the ride with the boys...Quite a scene; the two brothers holding hands on a stroll.

Ken C


Byron and Jana said...

Horray! Thank is wonderful!! Loving those smiles too!

Cathy Wallace said...

He walked! Woo-hoo! Way to go, Marky! Who would have thought a few years ago that it would be Sammy leading Marky around a hospital on walks? Miracles happen! We're so grateful to know Marky is feeling better. That sweet photo says it all, his countenance is so much brighter!

I did a bit of research on how to treat the hospital rest-less legs. I'm sure getting up and walking is the best and perhaps he doesn't even have a problem with it now that he is walking again, but here are the ideas I came across anyway (some of them you have already tried)-- "heating pad, cold compress or ice packs, massage, acupressure, walking, stretching, or other relaxation techniques.
Have your physician check iron stores and if necessary, folic acid levels. Low levels of these substances can contribute to restless legs syndrome symptoms."

Love, Cathy

Debbie Clark said...

This is such great news. We have been silently praying and reading about Markys progress. Those angels you feel must be so happy too. Smiles, laughter and faith. What healing medicine that is.

Kathy said...

What a great day and a great picture! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! (With you too Ken)
Kathy and Tim and family

amy m said...

That is great news! Way to go Super Mark!

Bamboo Grovers said...

We are so thrilled that Mark has walked! Hurray! We are praying for you every night, that you will get better and that you and your family will be blessed.
Love, Laura, Rich and kids.

Sharyle said...

Wow! Marky, it is so good to hear you are walking! We miss you at school and all the kids in your class talk about you coming back to school. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you!