Monday, January 4, 2010

Marks Big Brother, Scott,

Let me tell you about the best big brother ever. Scott is the first son of three in our family. A better example of brotherly love could not be found. When Marky is having a particular bad day, which has been every day lately, he always asks for his "Bubba" aka-- Scotty.

After his 3 and a half hour marathon surgery 2 wks ago as he lay in the ICU, Marky asked for his "Bubba".

After his 2nd or 3rd Paracentesis, 2.5 liters of fluid drained out of his abdomen with a 3 inch needle---Marky asked for his "Bubba"

Christmas Day in the stinkin hospital ,stuck in bed with no strength to open his own gifts----Marky asked for his "Bubba" .

Scotty quietly keeps the faith going for us all. When the doctors told us Marky had Lymphoma---Bubba reminded us all that the "doctor's also told us once upon a time that our Sammy wouldnt live either, AND THEY WERE WRONG!"

Scotty reads his scriptures everyday, says many daily prayers for Marky, and others. He spends hours at home alone while everyone is tending to Mark and Sam elsewhere. He does this with a cheerful, positive attitude. Never complaining.

Scotty gets up every morning a 0515 A.M. quietly showers and gets ready for early morning Seminary at school--by himself. He comes home from school to an empty house everyday. Never complaining.

Scotty sees the big picture. He never doubts God's will. He is sincere, honest, kind, and generous.

He has many other talents as well as whats already been mentioned. Which include but are not limited to playing just about any musical instrument he picks up, singing beautifully, drawing anything his mind can imagine, expert shot with a loaded weapon, and on I could go.

Scott, thank you for being my son, I love you.



Anonymous said...

Scotty is AMAZING, all of your boys are AMAZING, I think you knew this but didn't realize just how amazing they are until this unfortunate event. Scotty has been so grown up and strong and faithful , Marky so strong and brave, Sammy so sweet and adaptable! You have obviously done a great job with your boys and you should be soooo proud of who they are!

Jen Larsen

Lenard said...

What a sweet tribute. What a wonderful example of true "brotherly love".

Lenard said...

What a sweet tribute from a mother to her son. Scott truely exemplifies an example of pure "brotherly love" (charity). Scott, what joy you have brought to your family!