Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's approximated schedule of events..
...For inquiring minds who want to know!

Early Fri. AM: Blood draw to check 4 any
Fri. late morn: Lab results and possible
last minute steroid/chemo
bolus infusions.
Fri. mid day: parental education on how to
maintain a PIC line how to give
shots, all that stuff....
Fri early PM: waiting...tapping our foot...
..for discharge clearance.
Fri misc. : Haul 2months worth of fabulous
get well posters, cards, christmas
tree, colored lights, artwork, pictures
to the car/moving van!
Fri afternoon: LOAD UP THE MAN O' THE YEAR and


Anonymous said...

Dear Moving Van,

What a thrill to hear he may be going HOME!! To get him home I would learn everything they ask me to learn, including shots......You deserve a good day like this.
ENJOY.....LOVE, Grandma Joan