Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday night from Markysroom--

Today Marky had a great day! His N/G tube was disconnected from the wall suction canister and now is draining via gravity into a "diaper" (shhh..don't say the "diaper" word so loud) that is tied around the end of the tube to catch any crud coming out.

So far, not too much has drained...which is good. The next step will be to just clamp the tube and see how his nausea goes...then its GOODBYE TUBE!!!! So keep your fingers crossed!!!

Marky would like his nose and throat back all to himself! No more sharing space with that dumb tube!!

He got a giant dose of steroids today and seemed to tolerate it well.

Additionally, He got a visit from Bishop Rupp and seemed to tolerate that well, too! (teasing!!!! OKAY!!!)

Marky's dad has been on duty for almost 2 days straight and has gone home for a much needed night's sleep. Aunt Lori will guard the Prince of Primary again tonite.

One of the Doc's got a reply from a consult request about Marky that
was sent out. Some Dr. out there thinks they have seen this condition
before and has some ideas. ! We should hear on this tomorrow and will
shout from the roof tops if they have figured him out!!!!

Until then, I believe all of our prayers ARE being heard and answered.. in so MANY ways. Thank you, everyone!! And love to all.


kennethcrocheron said...

Marky can feel proud that he has moved to the deposit lane from the suck lane at the PCMC drive-thru. And though the tube is quite becoming, it will be a new chapter in his reentry into polite society to loose his dangling participle. We are hopeful for tomorrow's report from a doctor who feels they have "treated this condition" before.
Ken and Vickie

Byron and Jana said...

We'll keep those prayers coming! That is great news! Love you all!

Debbie Rhoads said...

Great news! It's exciting that things are progressing. We still need to get up there and bring you a few things from the baptism orientation meeting you missed (8 big white gum balls I believe, some scouting information and a poster for your room). We'll see you soon I hope. Hang in there buddy! We're proud of your great attitude and the wonderful progress you are making. Keep it up. We love you.

Oh, I was going to pass along to you how much all your friend at primary love you. Last week was ward conference. We had a few members of the stake come and talk about prayer. Afterward I had a hard time holding back the tears when all your friends started excitedly raising their hands to tell us that they were still praying for you. They know it will work. You're really special to us. Hope you know!

Anonymous said...

Go Marky thats great news, were praying that you will find an answer from the consult ,not a day goes by that we dont think of you all ,you are an AWESOME family.
love the Wilshers xxx