Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It is High Noon in the room of the patient and the update for today so far is that they are trying to ween Mark from the narcotic drug pain killers using instead, methadone. Mark's tube output is diminished which is good and the docs have decided that tomorrow they will try eliminating the suction and simply try gravity to drain the tube relying instead on Mark's digestive system to do some of the work.

Mark needs more and more walking so we will work on that. He also will have his Aunt Lori here soon to help in the process as it takes a village to raise a Marky!

Mark thinks my jokes sent to him on his new cell phone are for the most part, sort of stupid and I count that high praise and somewhat of a validation of my intellectual acumen.

Friday wiil be the second dose of methotrexate which when done through the vein didn't set too well so, this time it will be an injection. These are the weekly protocols that are part of the broad-spectrum treatments.

Last night a sweet group of Laurels from the Draper C resent 22nd ward came to visit and bring blankets. Mark and Lynette greeted them and gave a short tour with Lord Mark in his chariot. He was very happy to have met them. Thanks so much for your kindness.

That's it for now;

Ken Crocheron


Anonymous said...

Sending our love to you....G and G Cole...we will text you soon.

Our prayers are with you..

Anonymous said...

Hang in the buddy.... GC

Anonymous said...

methotrexate seems to be a wonder drug for kids. makenna has juvenile arthritis and has taken methotrexate off and on for 12 years. it is amazing! sonia hunt

Cathy Wallace said...

M & M s (methotrexate & methadone)for Marky! I bet the creme soda was better! We love you & our family continues to pray for you many times each day! Love, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Marky,your looking good,so glad we had a big lightening, thunder & Tornato storm come threw last night. I've gotten used to them, so I wen't to bed. I read the scrips, each day, but, sometimes I don't write, but, we are always thinking of you and Scotty & Sam, we love you very much. Take care swetty, God Bless. Love Grandma & Grandpa Simmons