Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday morning with Marky

Markys been up since 0515 chattering about going home!!!
He says........
"Today's like Christmas Eve !"

"I wonder if the people on the bottom of the world know
I'm coming home? " (referring to the Metekingi family
that live in New Zealand, and the Hunter family that
live in Australia!)

"Did you keep your promise to fill the entire fridge with
creme soda when I come home?"

"I can't wait to be able to play with my friends again!"

"I can't wait to play with TWO controllers on my x-box!"

"Did you fill the family room with BEAN BAGS yet?"

He's a gift! to all, Lynette


Anonymous said...

Mark, so glad to see your are finally going home, thank God, so happy for you, Grandma will try to send you a letter soon, take care Sweety, Love you all. Grandma & Grandpa Simmons

amy m said...

That is super fantastic better than ice cream news! Go Marky, go! Take that parachute and leave like the super hero we know you are... make like a banana and split!
Perhaps you can't hear us but we are cheering, and shouting, and jumping up and down with joy.

mary said...

I've been alternately beaming and crying all day today! I'm so happy for you Marky!