Saturday, January 23, 2010

Marky gets YET another special visitor !!!!

He's got the FORCE allright!!!


Nikki said...

Sweet! Vader came by? The best part is you are the one with all the special forces! We are so excited to see you up and walking and no tube! You are looking so handsome and healthy! We hope you continue to do well and that your recovery will be quick from here on out. We can't wait for Monday for the "Mark Jeanes Buddy Run!" Hope to see you soon!

The Morris Fam

kennethcrocheron said...

Normally I would be way impressed with Darth Vader. I mean look at him when he's around his e-Wok friends and he looks awsome but somehow next to Mark? Face it.... he looks like another wannabe. Mark could kick his chicken!!!!!!!!!!There's the real force. I mean, like just look at him. Mark is the real deal not some dude in a plastic helmet and a cape! i'm just sayin

Love from the Crocherons

mary said...

Finally a good old-fashioned villain to prove your fighting spirit to instead of all these heroes that have been passing through. You show him Marky!

Anonymous said...

Hey! We are so thrilled to see Marky looking like he's on the mend! And what a relief to hear that someone has seen this before! We will keep you all in our prayers.
Love, Laura and Rich

joshua said...

Fantastic! I am so glad to see those tubes off and out of you Marky. Pretty soon you will be out those doors. You have an awesome smile Marky. As soon as you get your walking papers run for it man.
The Green Family
we love ya

Anonymous said...

Mark you are looking sooo great! I also agree and love Ken's comment!!

Jen Larsen