Friday, January 15, 2010

Some fun things about today----

Markys big brother Scotty got to hang out with him most of the day!

Marky's friends the Warburton's ( from our neighborhood) brought him a cell phone to use while he is stuck in bed!!! He thinks he's pretty awesome....which he is! You can text him antime--801-910-8677!
(Thanks Steve and Carrie-spelled wrong i bet, sorry Kari!)

Marky got a package in the mail from His Aunt Barbie with some cool books to read and one is a paper airplane how-to. Scott has constructed several prize winning flyers to entertain Marky already.

Marky got another package from his Aunt Sheila with some other cool pop-up books that are awesome too!

Marky got a letter sent to him here at the HOSPITAL from Cathy Wallace with a parachute in it!

He got another letter sent here at the HOSPITAL from His Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Labrum to wish him well!!

A flyer went out yesterday at his school to announce the Mark Jeanes Buddy run on Jan 25th!!! KSL may be able to cover the event if we can convince them!

His room # is 3083. So the Staff can track him down if stuff gets sent to him here. He loves that.

Tons of you guys have sent or brought or donated or called or prayed or thought many things and so many people are rallying! We are AMAZED at the outpouring!

The Lord hears us! He must! He has blessed Mark in so many tender ways!! We are grateful for EACH of you in our lives and pray for YOUR
well being.

Love to all.....Mark and Markysfamily