Monday, January 18, 2010

We are holding an online auction to help raise funds for the Jeanes family!

The online auction will be posted on Marky's blog,, and will run Jan 25-Feb 3. The auction will start next Monday, January 25 and new items will be posted for auction every day for 5 days. So check back daily! Then bidding will continue until Feb 3rd.

To donate an item or items to Marky's auction, please email ( and include contact information, a description and picture if possible. (Be specific and give the value). Use the who, what, when, where, why when writing about your good/service.

Let's get creative! Photography, hairstyling, greeting cards, graphics design, toys, hair bows... any goods or service would be greatly appreciated!

Again, the online auction will be posted on Marky's blog,, and will run Jan 25-Feb 3. There will be a separate post for each auction item and bids will be accepted in the form of comments on each respective post. Bidding will end on Wednesday, Feb 3rd, at midnight. Winning bidders will send payment via PayPal or check. Once payment is received we will contact the auction item owner and provide shipping/contact information.

With your help, we can raise a significant amount for the Jeanes family. Please join us and donate to Marky's online auction with your time or talents.


Donation example

Ex.1 - A&D Helicopter is offering a 45-minute helicopter tour for 2 people in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Offer expires 12/10. Est. retail value $350.

Ex.2 - Bryanne Fidler, I would like to donate three set of girls hair bows. Est value $12. A picture of the bows is below.


Markys mom said...

Hey Bryanne! Thank you soooomuch for putting together this Auction!!!
What a gift you are!!! Can't wait! Marky wants to bid on stuff!!!! I told him about it. He's excited. He wants to auction off his IV's and the tube in his nose too!! And his hospital bed!
His mom wants to auction off his hospital BILL ! ! ! ! ! HA HA HA

Markys mom said...

Hey everybody---Marky has been up in that helicopter a few times!!!!
He Highly recommends it!! His Uncle Alan is an awesome pilot!
IT WAS SOOOO FUN!!! You gotta do it!----From Marky

Anonymous said...

This will be great, I will pass the word on to all my friends and Family! Thanks Bryanne!

Jen Larsen