Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today Mark had a surprise guest! It was Colonel Kenneth B. Crocheron of the U.S Army 5th Special Forces--Green Beret, HALO Jumpmaster, Sniper, Delta Force, Black-ops (can't confirm or deny that), and Guardian of the Jeanes family.

The Colonel was dressed in his highly decorated dress uniform...looked kinda like a green christmas tree loaded w/ ornaments! Quite a sight if you can imagine.

He entered the room and very somberly addressed Marky with an official presentation of "Honorary Green Beret" for Marks bravery, honor and will to fight in the face of opposition and destruction.

Mark' s eyes were big as beach balls as Ken bestowed this honor upon him. The official hat was then placed upon his head--insignia just over the right eye, beret tilted slightly downward towards the left ear.

The Colonel then stood at attention and saluted this small warrior with all seriousness and respect. Marky then returned the salute with pride!