Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Evening to All;

Mark has been doing fairly well today and by late afternoon, was ready for his special visitors Scott and Sam. This is the first time Sam and Mark have seen each other in a month. They held hands and hugged and Sam spoke in his usual eloquent fashion and of course, everyone understood all. When it came time to go, there were tender tears shed especially by Mark who is homesick.
What was really special today is that President Monson read in Mark's name at the meeting of the first presidency and the "12". Then Elder Johnson of the Quorum of 70 came to visit Mark and family and to give Mark a very touching blessing. Elder Johnson told Mark that the doctors would be inspired and would be able to solve the diagnosis puzzle and that through the doctors skill by the power of the Lord, Mark would be preserved for his family and that Mark would be given the strength to win the battle. Present in the room were Mark, Scott, James, Lynette, Lyle and Lori Beecher and Ken Crocheron. All of us were greatly moved and touched by the spirit which along with Elder Johnson were the other two present.
The Child Care team did not meet today as was hoped for but instead will meet tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. Team members will include, Rehumatololigists, Hemotologists, Pathologists, Oncologists, Imuneologists and all will be under the direction of Dr Barnett who is an oncologist from University Medical center. A follow-up meeting with the family will be convened to present the findings and proposed treatment.
Thanks to all who post comments and are so sweet in their support.
Jen Larsen is working with Willow Springs School to organize a "Buddy Run" to raise funds for Mark's treatment expenses. We are putting together a flyer to announce the event and solicit donations. And of course there is the "Mark Jeanes Charitable Donation" account @ America First Credit Union for those wanting to contribute to what is sure to be a huge bill.
Thanks Again,
Ken crocheron


Cathy Wallace said...

Oh, hurrah! Finally we can cry some happy tears instead of sad ones! We're thrilled to hear about the visit from Sammy, and the blessings through Pres. Monson, the twelve apostles and Elder Johnson. May God continue to bless you all! Love and Prayers, Cathy

Jenie Mills said...

That is so awesome! What a sweet experience. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marky,

You are a very special boy everyone knows so well. With Sammy and the Prophet on your side, you can't help but get well!!! Everyone loves you and you WILL get well.

Love to all, Grandma Joan from Raleigh

dansiefamily said...

What a great experience for you. Even if the doctors don't yet know what or how to treat Marky you have been given great hope and reassurance that all will be well. Happy he had a better day. Smiles thinking of Sam talking to him.
Love the Dansie people

The Evans Family said...

WOW! That is an awesome day! The Lord works in amazing ways! We keep you in our thoughts & prayers!

The Evans

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool that Sam came to see you today and that you got a special blessing from the quorum 70 man.Im saying my prayers every night for you
from Ethan Wilsher

What great words to read,We love you all, love the Wilshers xxxxxxx

Chantal said...

Thank you Marky for enduring this so that we can all be touched and inspired by you. You are a true hero. Hang in there!

kennethcrocheron said...

it has been an honor to serve with you soldier during this night in the battle zone. you my fellow soldier are a courageous young man.
Uncle Ken


Byron and Jana said...

Wow! What a great way to start the day. I was so happy to read about the big day yesterday with Sammy coming up, how sweet! And that is awesome about Pres Monson and the great blessing you received from Elder Johnson. What hope all this must bring and a renewed determintation to move forward! We all pray for you every meal, bedtime, anytime. I love that the boys still talk about Marky like he is just hanging out next door though. Even though they know he is in the hospital and have seen the pictures and all that, he is still just their buddy next door and will always be just that. We miss you but can't wait to see your smiling face at our front door again soon. I'm sure it is still going to be a tough road, but there is so much hope and faith to hold on to. We love you all!
Love the Harris fam

Marcie said...

It sounds like some positive things are finally coming your way! Lynette...somebody made your knot a whole lot bigger so hang on! What an awesome and amazing thing for President Monson to do. He loves and cares for you and is rooting for you just like everyone else! You are very brave!